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Matterport 3D Capture App for iPhoneBETA

Capture and share the places important to you in stunning 3D with our iPhone and iPad camera app.

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Works with all Matterport subscription plans.


Available for iPhone 6s and later 


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  • 3D straight from your pocket, wherever you are
  • Matterport Cortex AI transforms 2D images captured by your phone into an immersive 3D digital twin 
  • Guide viewers by highlighting features in your space with Mattertags
  • Add measurements to your 3D capture to engage viewers 
  • Tour space starting from expanded dollhouse or close-up views
  • Share your 3D virtual tour with friends, family and colleagues with a Matterport-generated URL
  • Publish your space on social media or embed on a website
  • Automatic image processing, color correction, and face blurring

Supported iPhones

Matterport for iPhone is great for capturing a room or a small space in 3D without the need for a special camera. Simply use your supported iPhone or iPad, and we will turn your space into a visually stunning digital twin that you can share with anyone at any time.


Best results with Ultra Wide camera:

iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Also supported:

iPhone 6S                         iPhone XR
iPhone 6S Plus                iPhone XS
iPhone 7                           iPhone XS Max
iPhone 7 Plus                  iPad Air 2
iPhone 8                           iPad Air 3
iPhone 8 Plus                  iPad mini 5
iPhone SE (2nd gen)        iPad 7
iPhone X                           iPad Pro

Compatible Plans for 3D Capture with iPhone

Get started now with your iPhone and a free Matterport plan. See all the exciting things you can do with our all-in-one 3D data platform.

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